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Cm Car Port is focused on providing you with excellent car repair and maintenance services in Ghana, to keep your car performing in sterling conditions. Cm car Port services in Ghana include car maintenance, car washing, denting & painting, car detailing, car tyre service, car brake service, car engine maintenance, car AC service and all that you need to get your car fixed. Car Servicing made easy!

Scheduled Car Service

When your car doesn’t run well it sends messages. We can tap into the onboard diagnostic system to understand what’s going on.

Car Ac Services

It’s almost cruel to even think of driving your car without an air conditioner. With the wear and tear that your car goes through every day, it is common to see problems in the air conditioner.

Car Denting & Painting Service

Cm Car Port workshops are equipped with state of the art denting and painting equipment to help your car retain the look and shine of a brand new car.

Car Battery Service

Is your vehicle sluggish cranking and not starting? Have you started noticing that your vehicle’s engine cranks is slow or sluggish when you start the car Are the car headlights dimmer than usual ?


When your car doesn’t run well it sends messages. We can tap into the onboard diagnostic system to understand what’s going on.

Car Washing and detailing service

Vehicular hygiene is as important as the mechanical health of your car. Thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior delivers optimal performance of your car.

Car Tyre Services

Cars need regular maintenance in order to perform efficiently, safely while driving, car tires are one of the most important components that has to be regularly checked and maintained.

Car engine and maintenance service

We can never be too careful when it comes to the engine of our cars – the most expensive and complex components often exist within the engine compartment.

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With so many model variants on the market and the challenge to find cars that suit our needs, car buying has been made nice and easy with our fantastic search tools and options.

When purchasing a vehicle from a registered dealership, you always have the benefit of mandatory warranties. Always try using your old car as a trade-in for a deposit based upon the value at the time. Car dealerships are usually very happy to offer you the “book” value of your automobile which helps with avoiding having to sell your car privately.

When purchasing a vehicle, the dealer will usually be able to assist with a vehicle finance application via our cash loan. If not, you should go to your bank and enquire about a car loan.

So, it is now time to find your dream car on Cm Car Port.

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