Vehicular hygiene is as important as the mechanical health of your car. Thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior delivers optimal performance of your car.

Dirt and grime can build up under a vehicle over time from the road and they are not good for the undercarriage of your vehicle.The vehicle undercarriage has a drain hole which can get clogged and cause the vehicle to malfunction.

Rust leads to a faster deterioration of the vehicle condition, and severely affects the chassis of the car. If dirt and other particles accumulated around the engine find a way into the engine this could lead to engine seizure and would require an overhaul.

Cm Car Port cleaning service includes:

  • Thorough Car Wash
  • Interior Vacuum cleaning
  • Interior Wet Shampoo & Detailing
  • Rubbing with Compound
  • Pressure washing
  • Tyre Dressing & Alloy polishing
  • Interior Sanitization
  • Anti corrosion & anti rust treatment

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